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Vintage Mic

Stacy’s voice was heard throughout Southeast Wisconsin as the on-air personality “Stacy Nichols” from 1999-2010 and her voice was often described as a “National voice–on local radio” 

Now heard in voiceover and in podcast work, Stacy’s voice is a soothing and captivating presence that resonates with the listeners. With a warm and melodic tone, Stacy's voice has a distinct quality that draws in the audience, making her relatable to a wide range of listeners.

Her voice carries a sense of professionalism and authority, reflecting her expertise and experience in broadcasting. Whether delivering a story, conducting interviews, or hosting discussions, she maintains a clear and articulate delivery that ensures information is conveyed effectively.

With over 11 years in professional broadcasting and audio production, let Stacy bring her exceptional ear and skills as an editor, mixer and producer to your audio project.

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